Highlight: Palomica – ‘Petito’

I don’t take the time to sit and properly listen to music anywhere near as much as I wish I could, but with ‘Petito’ I can’t resist. On the surface is quirky abstract pop; underneath that, jaggedy odd sounds draw you in, Palomica‘s experimental nature evident but entrancingly understated. As such this is an erratic little gem of a record, basically jangly indie but with its structures often twisted and sprawling, leaving the listener never sure what’s coming next (even after repeated plays) but perpetually eager to find out. The album is available now digitally or on pigeon-coloured vinyl via Fika Recordings.


Highlight: Palomica – ‘Honeydew’

I’m starting to lose the distinction between Palomica and Oh Peas! – Having seen Nicol (Palomica) backing Rosie (Oh Peas!) at her album launch instore (and maybe other shows too but that’s the one I was at) and knowing they’ve also performed together as Oh Pals! (geddit?), there’s not so much surprise that she shows up on his new song. Anyway I guess the reason for this is the fact that their voices balance pretty perfectly, shown especially on the couplet “And I want to say something but my mouth won’t form the words / I keep on talking but I’m not really hoping to be heard”, where they fluently swap lines the second time around. ‘Honeydew’ is a cutesy indie-pop tale of fixing broken hearts via fruit metaphors and bakery fails, quirky sunny melodies concealing the insecurities beneath. It’s taken from forthcoming album ‘Petito’; the single will be out 10th June via Fika Recordings and can be pre-ordered now.